Where did you come up with the name La Golden Closet?

The original plan for the blog name was 'The Golden Closet', however this was already taken. We changed the 'The' to its' French equivalent, 'La', and the rest is history. As for the whole 'Golden Closet' thing, every girl dreams of the perfect closet, right? It seemed suitable that a blog about fashion and trends should include this fantasy of the perfect selection of clothes.

What inspires you when you chose what to wear?

The main thing is actually the weather. If it's a sweaty Australian summer, i'll opt for a floaty dress or shorts. I (Emily) am also inspired by where I am. If I'm wearing a palm-tree printed tee, It's usually because I'm somewhere tropical.

Any more information about the blogger?

I've always loved fashion. I find it very beautiful that what we chose to put on our body can reflect our personalities. Clothes don't always reveal the person underneath, but if i see someone walking around in something daring and controversial, you can see a lot about who they are.

Thank you!

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